hey! whatcha listenin' to, hotshot? (no embedded videos please)

recently as POLAR OPPOSITES as they are it's been City Morgue, Ouija Macc & $B or stuff like T. Swift, Fleetwood Mac, Billy Joel etc lmao
just depends on if I need energy or i need/want to be chill and just go about my business haha.
Usually one leading into the other.
Either way they keep me in that "I'm good, I'm me, I'm vibing" realm lmao.

Kin+ak (✧∇✧)

No YouTube for me so i'm only giving the name of the songs I listen To these days (not particularly in english)(assuming you know some artists already)
-Le temps des Cathédrales (Bruno Pelletier)
-golden hour
-solassitude (Stromae)
-mwasi Ya congo (Dadju)
-one shot (Gims)
-désolé (Sexion d'assaut)
-moulaga(Jul, Heuss l'enfoiré)
-grand bain (Dadju, Ninho)
-oui et Non (Nekfeu)
-heat waves
-counting stars
("Some" are pretty old but age Is Just a number)

And obviously pokemon theme songs including:
-littleroot (pokemon RSE)
-lavender town (something magic in that theme song)
recently got back heavy into Aesop Rock again (literally just purging again) maybe some Long Island pride (he's OG from Huntington I believe) but dude is immensely talented and I like listening to him during the grind at work and deciphering his stuff --- he's been a lil more direct tbf in recent years than when he was younger lol but still fun, cus he'll never be "Mr. The Sky is Blue and so are you" his lyrics never worked that way lmaoo.
got like 7-83 angles of him saying things that each listen is like "OOOOHHHHHHH..." a lil more lmao.

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